The Dumbphone Experiment

Recently, I have been encountered with various resources about how Smartphones are impacting us. I’ve also been encountered with how my own Smartphone usage is impacting me. Put simply, Smartphones are connecting us to others and the world around us in ways previously unimaginable. But this constant connection doesn’t come without cost (And I’m not just talking about data plans).

To avoid being too verbose, Here is a video I found particularly enlightening on the effects our Smartphones are having on us:

Here are some of the main points:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Myopia (Near-sightedness)
  • Addiction
  • Sleep deprivation

Here is another video of particular interest for when you have 15 minutes to spare: Why We Should Rethink Our Relationship With The Smartphone

I promise, I’m not some crazy person who thinks we’re all doomed because we use Smartphones. I think it is an incredible blessing that I get to live in a time where connectivity is so abundant and enjoyable. But lately, I have been experiencing some really crappy stuff associated with my Smartphone.

  • I waste hours at a time on the thing
  • I “Phone Snub” my friends and family
  • I can’t “Turn off” from work or the news or social media
  • It’s impacting my sleep (Last thing I see before bed, first thing when I wake)
  • I’m hopelessly addicted to it

It is hard to admit, but I don’t like how my Smartphone usage is affecting me or where I see it leading. I just have this image of myself being a father one day staring at my iPhone 12 instead of teaching my kids anything. Or finally taking a trip to explore the National Parks and being to pathetically addicted to my smartphone to take any of it in.

So, after a way more complicated than it needed to be phone call with Verizon, I’m now rocking my old LG EnV Touch instead of an iPhone. My old faithful “Dumbphone”.


I’m planning on using this phone for the next week or so and keeping my blog updated as to how it is going and what I’m learning.

Thanks for reading!



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