Design Work


Currently designing next generation claims handling software for BriteCore’s suite of SAAS insurance administration tools.

Case studies on the design of BriteClaims:


Designed and iterated upon various elements, pages and full sites for eCommerce clients including but not limited to: Ole Henriksen, Coldwater Creek and Rockport.

L’ux eCommerce Template

Template and components created for Jagged Peak (formerly TradeGlobal) for use with high end fashion eCommerce clients. A case study on this design can be found here.

5/3 Bank Style Guide

Alongside helping guide design direction, designed and built an internal pattern library for a large regional bank incorporating styles used across all of their digital experiences. Focus was on giving designers and developers the tools they need to quickly find a style or guideline and implement into their own work.

Project | SEARCH

This was a design completed for an international non profit that helps individuals with special needs find employment in their communities. Completed full site design, asset design, logo work and also assisted in website development.

eCommerce SAAS Platform

Designed a SAAS platform to enable TradeGlobal (now Jagged Peak) to do easy and efficient cross border shipping for businesses selling products online.

Additive Manufacturing Blog

Designed a blog for Proctor and Gamble’s additive manufacturing (3D Printing) team that featured a tiled homepage view and  pages to highlight the group and their locations

Conceptual Designs

Because sometimes, it’s just fun to play around in Figma and show people what you made.

Mobile News Application

A conceptual mobile news application made with the intention of solving the issues presented by our ever growing mobile screen by moving the navigational elements to the bottom so that the application could be comfortably used by one hand. To read a case study on why this design was created, click here.

Mobile Social Networking App

A mobile focused social networking app based on sharing prayer requests with others.

Design Redux: Xbox Store

A redesign of the Xbox store to address usability issues while trying to find games on sale. Goals were to add data relevant to users, improve sorting and filtering and add relevant calls to action. A case study on this design can be read here.

Original: Left, Redesign: Right

Design Redux: Nintendo Switch

If you have any questions about any designs or would like to request more, please reach out.

My resume can be found here.

Case studies explaining a handful of my portfolio pieces can be found here.